Ptuj has a long tradition in providing adult education, with strong roots reaching back to the year 1925, when the first courses for adults started. Officially, the Public University of Ptuj (then named Worker's University) was established on 23th of July 1959.

Public University of Ptuj is a public institution with the team of 11 dedicated professionals, providing formal and non-formal educational programmes. The offer of Public universities, including Public University of Ptuj, is at least slightly amended, supplemented and refreshed each year. This makes us aware that the concept of lifelong learning is extremely wide and that every person has its own vision about it.

Adult education at the Public University of Ptuj consists of six fields, namely:

  • Formal education from primary school to the faculty education.
  • Non-formal publicly recognized educational programmes ( Programs UŽU - Training for life success and publicly recognized courses of English and German language)
  • Vocational trainings (for example training courses for accountants, for forklift operators, website designers, textile confectioners, meat processors, project managers, etc.)
  • Non-formal education (foreign language courses, computer courses, programs of the University of the Third Life period, specialized courses for companies, trainings in the field of legislation and communicational skills)
  • Adult education activities in the national interest (Centre of intergenerational learning, Knowledge exchange, workshops, Self-learning Centre)
  • Professional assistance to participants through Guidance Centre Ptuj.

Public University of Ptuj is also strongly active in international projects, where we are applying for the EU founds either as a leading partner or as a project partner under the leadership of partner from another EU country. Each year we are involved in at least four international projects. Why are we pleased about it? Because, in order to achieve success and search for fresh ideas we often need to look around,  learn from experiences of other related educational institutions, but at the same time preserve our own uniqueness and taking into account specifics of the region and the Ptuj town. Participation in such projects is strengthening the competences of employees at Public University of Ptuj and providing participants free of charge lectures and qualitative e-learning materials as well as the participation in the project meetings.

In a year 2016 we became the leading consortium partner in (for us) very important projects “Acquisition of competences” (2016-2019) and “Guidance and counselling for adults” (2016-2020). This will allow us to have even closer connection with the economy and the local community.


To disseminate new paths to knowledge for everyone, anytime, anywhere.


  • Expertise, professionalism, quality, reputation, responsibility
  • Efficiency, innovation, boldness, creativity
  • Honesty, tolerance, reliability, respect
  • Cosmopolitanism


Our mission is adult education and counselling. Using rich experience and expertise of our employees, we manage to motivate and monitor participants on their path to success, to encourage and make them believe in the importance of lifelong learning. We strive to offer a wide choice of programmes, depending on the current demand and taking into account future trends.

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